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"Don’t be like that, c’mon." He whined, watching the woman get dressed yet never got up from the bed.

"Just 5 minutes? I promise - no more."

"Mm, ‘cause that’s only how long you last." She hissed, tying her hair up with a flimsy hair tie and sighing softly, sliding on her jeans right after.

The girl eventually turned her back to him as she continued to get changed.

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"I wouldn’t be so sure of yer’self, Bill would give you a right good punishin’ if he finds out you’ve been sleepin’ around. I could easily jus’ blame it on you." He actually laughed, before crossing his legs to lay back and get comfortable.

"C’mon, just a quickie - it ain’t much."

”..It ain’t much?” She repeated, tilting her head at him before breaking the eye contact, shaking her head. A few moments after, she took off his shirt but began grabbing her clothes, again shaking her head to herself.

She slid her shirt on quickly, remaining silent. 

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"Again, are you insane? I-I mean, you uh.. You’ve worn me out." She smiled so awkwardly, shaking her head to herself as she tried to push the magazines back under the bed without touching, what he referred to as, "crusty cum."

The girl shuddered, pressing her lips…

"Well, ya’ll can just get off to your little magazines. I’m tired." She shrugged, exhaling deeply as she got up off the floor and looked at him.

She shook her head slightly. “He’ll find out sooner or later anyway.”

"Nah - not if we don’t tell him he won’t." He shrugged his shoulders, attempting to dismiss her words. He just lay there on his bed.

"Unless y’all want me to tell him - I’d git in here with me."

The girl froze, crossing her arms and shaking her head. “You wouldn’t dare.. Ya’ll would get in trouble more than I would anyway.” She stated.

It was true, somewhat. But there was already drama and tension between her and Bill, it’d just make 10x worse than it already was.

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last year a polar bear in the san francisco zoo got 10 tons of snow for his birthday and look how fucking happy he was (not my photo of course)

My muse is having a nightmare. Send ✥ for their reaction to yours waking them up from it.

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I still believe in a beautiful day.
But not for me, and not for you.

"I will slaughter every single blonde slut I see." 7 dead in drive-by shooting near UC Santa Barbara




Women don’t get to exist. Women don’t get to say no.

This is fucking terrifying!! This guy was only 22!!! He seriously thought being a virgin at 22 was such a heinous crime committed against him by all women that he could go on a fucking rampage. People have tried to act like misogyny isn’t serious, like typical sexist “slut-shaming” and rape jokes are ok. This is what we get. We reap what we sow as a society. When will people wake the fuck up?

This happened where I live, and there are male students who support and agree with the shooter’s actions. As a woman, I no longer feel safe where I live and go to school.